Coaching is a great way to move forward when we feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward.


We take you from a stagnant place by discovering what you need right now, what you want, how to get there, setting up your new goals together. Holding you accountable all the way!


Both Mia & Fredrika are trained coaches and can support you in your life journey.


With heartfelt coaching, you will be able to grow not only in your life but also from your own power within. 

Soulful Coaching Therapy

Thoughts and emotions can drain our energy most of the time. And many of these ongoing thoughts can be false beliefs from childhood. 


Soulful Coaching Therapy helps us discover our shadows, understand, accept, and move forward. So that we can accept, understand and breathe our own power, to find that pleasantness within, and pleasantness without. 


Soulful Coaching is a powerful way to let go of all our worries and just live a pleasant happy life!


This workshop held in Stockholm is for small groups of 5, and it’s something very special.


In 2.5 exciting, developing, and transforming days you will learn more about yourself and with Mia’s professional heart-led program, create a huge expansion in your life.


Unlock the old patterns that are holding you back, bringing you down, and gain clarity and insights about you and your life, past, present, and future! 


Together with others, the most amazing change happens.


The purpose is to work individually in small groups for a couple of days or a week.


Growing in your inner journey with a few others.


We currently have 2 retreats with different approaches, one in Antipaxos and one in Bali. 


Both with limited attendees.

Self Study

Happy to share this with you. 

Available very soon!

free Consultation

We provide a small free consultation to cover your needs to guide you in the right direction among our courses and programs.


Send us an email and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to find out what you need!