For you who

What this course will give you

2.5 exciting, developing and transforming days that create a huge expansion in your life. The course for you who want to be free from your inner unconscious blockages and money images so that meaningfulness and financial freedom become a matter of course in your life.


It opens up your creativity and deepest potential so that your spiritual longing is expressed more.


This much-appreciated course has helped hundreds of people become free from what has invisibly held back their lives and given them the tools to realize their innermost spiritual desires.


Your unconscious relationship with money controls most of your life – without you knowing about it … Maybe you have gone into talk therapy, coaching, or other courses and still not found “it”.



Did you know that we all have unconscious negative programming about money. So called “money pictures”? These money images are deeply rooted “truths” that we do not even know we have. Like an invisible GPS, they control both our financial situation and our reality in general.


The life you live today is a direct reflection of your inner unconscious money images and will continue to guide you until you do something about them.


It does not matter how much you fight for change in your outer world, as long as your inner invisible GPS is set to something else, it is the one that controls your life.


During the Dreamality course, you will discover and reprogram your unconscious relationship with money (and also in other areas) and learn important keys to success that will change your life forever.

About the course


Friday at 14.00- ca 18.00
Saturday & Sunday at 9.00 – approx. 18.00 (lunch approx. 1-1.5 hours).

Pontonjärgatan 12 on Kungsholmen in Stockholm.

Mia always cares about high quality so that you as a customer do not have to worry about whether you will be satisfied with your investment. This means that if you probably would not feel satisfied after the first day of the course, just say so, finish the course and get all the money back.

The price for the course is only SEK 3,900 incl. VAT. If you have taken the course before, the price is SEK 3,600 incl. VAT. Work materials, coffee and snacks are included. You can split the payment two to three times for a fee.

The course is aimed at both private individuals and entrepreneurs and is in-depth where theories are interspersed with exercises. You do not need to have any prior knowledge.

Your registration is binding. Should something happen so that you can not take a booked course, you have the opportunity to participate at a later time, subject to availability. You also have the opportunity to give away your place to another person. Should you become ill, you will receive the full course fee back upon presentation of a medical certificate in addition to a service fee of SEK 500.

Swedish if nothing else is stated on the course registration.