Words from some of our guests

Many thanks for the best days in a long time, for all the generosity, love and warmth. I'll be back soon. All love to you. Will carry this with me forever.

Ida Martinsson

Antipaxos - such a gem! Here I could land and find harmony deep there in my heart. The morning yoga at Villa Skinari at sunrise was unbeatable, and oh how close we course participants got to each other in just one week. To be able to open up to feelings and experiences. Learn from each other, based on the information we received from Mia. So much needed! Really recommend you treat yourself to that experience right here.

Katarina Hansson

I'm so incredibly grateful that I went - to stop and just be me. (Not always easy as a single person). Antipaxos was a shitty experience - like coming to a completely different host that I would not have gone to otherwise. Here it came from that all the noise, no traffic, - the real silence. Time for reflection. The course, yoga on the terrace when the sun rose, the homemade, fantastic food, the walks, new friends and the beautiful setting - wish that everyone can go on a journey like this, as a restart of my whole being. One of the best investments you can make.

Ulrika Ström