Why visit a retreat?

Why are retreats so important?


There are many reasons why retreats are good. The purpose is to work individually but in groups for a couple of days or a week. Making your own inner journey with others – that effect is unbeatable. Can initially be experienced as a little scary and maybe a little uncomfortable, but once you start to feel the support from everyone, then you just have to go with and let go of control.

It is time for you to be able to withdraw and get in touch with yourself and your desires. Get inspired again by both the journey and its content. Create a little “Headspace” as it is so nicely called. To take care of our body and soul – and meet like-minded people who we can learn and be inspired by as well. The retreat gives you another dimension. Traveling to a beautiful place where you get peace and time and nothing that bothers – it gives magic.



Re-Treat comes from the Latin verb “To withdraw”. So a retreat is simply a place where you retreat from the world. You withdraw from your normal life to draw in all the energy that has been thinned out in several different directions out of just the speed. You gather your strength again to find focus on what YOU love. From this site you get a new perspective, you regroup and reactivate. You will find new inspiration. Then you put the inspiration into action. You come home with new insights, reminders, and tools to work with. Getting away from your everyday life gives you a focus on what is important to YOU.



You will find your “headspace”. You get an opportunity to get out of your structured life and your scheduled day to get into space and time – from a different place. In the office, at the dinner table with children competing for attention, on the phone with your partner or friends as you talk about everyday life and bills. All this takes time. Time away from you. There is no real free time – Your time. At the retreat, it is different. There is a space that you can give yourself time to reflect and connect with your own flow again.



Inspiration means “to breathe in”. So you breathe life into your life again. It is something that can be easily experienced by an environmental change. Sharing a short time with others in a group environment can in turn inspire. We are inspired by each other more than we think.



Everyone needs to loosen, clean, and empty their mental desk. You will leave the retreat much easier. Filled with energy and power. Updated and more present than before. Your new perspective can help you make changes in your life that you know you need to make.



In society, we take on different roles. Mom, sister, wife, lover, friend, etc. But we need to be reminded that we are human, as opposed to human actions. At a retreat, you can let go of your role. You can be just you. Just like who you are.



You will meet people with whom you can find common denominators. Maybe that you ended up at the same retreat is enough as one? It will inspire you to share thoughts with people who are on the same “mission”. You will be able to allow yourself to open up in this safe space.



Your participation in a retreat is not only great for you. You will have influenced and inspired others more than you can imagine. We give each other so much when we work individually in a group – you get so much for your money, you could say. Everyone’s stories, what you share with each other, go through everyone’s own story. After a couple of days, you leave each other with a feeling that you are a bit of a family. Everything you shared. We think one of the biggest gifts you get home from the retreat!